What We Believe In


We arrive on this planet utterly unique. Odd or outrageous, academic or artist, writer or runner. Or all those things in one stunning parcel. None of us are entirely the same as another, and therefore nor should the funerals or memorials that send us off when we die. We believe in being different and standing on the edge.


Death is a part of life, but the loss that accompanies it can be overwhelming, brutal, and confusing. Being more informed, and having honest and open discussions can make us better equipped to take on the huge task of making it through. We believe the time has come for better dialogue about death and how we celebrate the passing of a life.


Our perspectives are shaped by our individual history, culture and backgrounds.  We need a bigger world view. With contribution from our community we will hold the value of learning from each other at our heart. We are arms wide open. Help us build Great Goodbyes into a force for better funerals.


Our planet groans under the weight of her 7 billion inhabitants. Great Goodbyes will educate, promote and advocate for funerals that touch the earth more lightly when we die. The Pacemaker Trust, a Great Goodbyes initiative, facilitates the refurbishment of pacemakers when someone dies, enabling these life saving devices to have another tour of duty in our poorest nations.