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Here, you’ll work through some important decisions you need to consider. We’ll contact funeral homes on your behalf and be back to you within 24 hours – sooner if you tell us it’s urgent. Your details remain private until you decide you wish to connect with one of the funeral homes.

Your quote won’t include the kinds of decisions that are variable. Things like venue hire, catering, flowers, even caskets have wide-ranging prices. How much you spend depends on the choices you make, and whether family and friends wish to take on some aspects themselves.

Don’t worry, we can help you out with those decisions too, but first, let’s get the basics sorted out.

Your quote will include the funeral homes fixed service fee. This is a charge that covers their availability to make arrangements on your behalf, handling paperwork, registering the death and medical certificate, and a contribution to overheads. The amount of this fee can differ - it’s one of the reasons getting a quote is a good idea.

Funeral Directors Fee

All funeral directors charge a fixed service fee. It covers being available to make arrangements on your behalf, managing all required paperwork like the death and medical certificates, and a contribution towards their overheads

Cremation or Burial

The funeral home will quote for body disposition based on the decision you make here. This will include required paperwork, transport and other costs specific to your selection.

Direct to {{committalType}}

Electing Direct to {{committalType}} means the funeral homes involvement is limited to paperwork and body disposal.

Not 100 percent sure if this is right for you or what’s involved? see More Info for guidance.

Viewing the body

It’s not for everyone, but for some it’s important to see their loved one, one last time after death has occurred. It’s the chance for a final kiss or touch of the hand. Your quote will include preparation and presentation of the body. Where viewing takes place is dealt with in the next question.


Embalming adds financial and environmental costs to a funeral. Although occasionally required if transporting the body some distance, it is rarely necessary for other reasons and there are alternative options if you would prefer not to embalm.

Private time / Visitation

For many families taking some private time with their loved one before the service is important. It’s the chance to have a quiet chat and say goodbye. It might be an extended time at home, or an hour or two at funeral home premises. This decision impacts transport arrangements and the funeral professional’s time.

Place of Service

Whether grand or grassroots, formal or freestyle the service can be anywhere that suits your family and the kind of Great Goodbye you’re creating. Consider how many people you need to host and whether you want to follow the service with an extended, less formal gathering.

This selection impacts transport costs, and unless you’re having the service at home there could be a cost associated with the venue hire.

Transporting the casket

Driving the casket to the service and/or on to the committal is a special way to personalise a Great Goodbye. For some, taking this last drive together is deeply meaningful.

If that’s not for you, your funeral professional will be honoured to do this task on your family’s behalf. Getting a quote doesn’t lock you into a decision. You’ve probably not thought about this option before so talk about it with family.

Please quote for transport of the casket

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With the questions completed we will now contact local funeral professionals on your behalf. We won't share your contact details or private information.

Once you receive the quotes get in touch with the funeral professionals when you’re ready. There will be a link in the quote document to each of their listings in Great Goodbyes. If you are unsure about your plan return and get another quote based on different choices.

Remember, the quote is only for the particular services that you’ve responded to in this section. Other things such as the casket, flowers, order of service and so forth all depend on individual preference and budget. The quote considers the decisions that aren’t variable and give you clarity and comparability on the cost.

For all other aspects of the funeral browse the marketplace. Here you will find wonderful vendors and funeral professionals who are passionate about helping you arrange a Great Goodbye.

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