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Every family’s goodbye is different, so at Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial we’re dedicated to providing you an exceptional level of personalized service to ensure your arrangements will be as unique as your loved one. From cremation to burial, and life celebrations to permanent memorialization in our historic mausoleum, we have the trusted experience to provide options that truly meet your needs – not suggestions that merely add expense.

Regardless of circumstances or budget, we are here to help you with all the things you never thought you’d have to do for your loved one – insurance, social security, banking, veterans benefits and more. That’s why you can always expect thoughtful, caring, and surprisingly affordable service when you call Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home. We’re here to help you navigate important decisions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Life Celebrations
A life celebration allows friends and family to gather and find support while sharing memories and heartfelt emotions. It’s a type of service that enables you to share your loved one’s story in a way that is genuine to the life they lead and aligned with the values that they held close. Life celebrations can take place any time after a passing, from days to months later.

At our locations, families and loved ones are offered a beautiful environment in which to hold a life celebration. Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home funeral directors are there every step of the way to help you design the perfect life celebration to reflect and appreciate your loved one.

Burial Services
A burial service allows family and friends to connect with one another while laughing, crying, and sharing stories about their loved one before he or she is laid to rest. Each service is customized to the preference of the family. This time of reflection traditionally takes place with a casket in the room or venue of choice, a viewing if desired, followed by a funeral service before the graveside gathering at the cemetery.

Whether a traditional setting is desired in a church or our memorial chapel, or a non-traditional venue is preferred inside a family home or a beautiful outdoor setting, Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home assists families with all of their funeral arrangements and accommodates the wants and needs of our local families with a variety of affordable, customized options.

Cremation Services
If your loved one has decided to be cremated, it’s important that you know you’re not limited to how you can honor their life. Cremation offers just as many – if not more – options for friends and family to honor and celebrate their loved one’s life. Holding a funeral or memorial service in a place that held value within their life, whether it be at home or in a chapel are some of the options available for cremation.

Aqua Cremation Services
An alternative to flame-based cremation, Aqua Cremation is an eco-friendly, gentle process that uses water, temperature, and pressure to duplicate what happens naturally in decomposition. Just like in traditional flame-based cremation, the loved one’s ashes are returned to the family for memorialization. The flameless cremation process uses less energy, has zero emissions, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

Veterans Services
We always strive to provide the same compassionate memorial and tribute services to the friends and families of veterans throughout the area. We provide meaningful and honorable services for veterans which include a wide range of amenities such as the completion of applications for veterans’ benefits, the coordination of necessary documentation, professional service from our advisors and other caring staff members, and much more.

For more information on our veterans services, please call us at (503) 894-7611​. We would be honored to help you celebrate your loved one’s life and their service to our country.

Shipping Services
If a death occurs away from home, one of our funeral directors will assist you in getting your loved one back so that the proper arrangements can be made and carried out promptly. We will help you bring the deceased home from anywhere on the globe.

Upon finding out about a death away from home, contact us immediately. We will arrange for the shipping of the deceased, and coordinate the arrangements for their return. One of our funeral directors will work with funeral professionals where the death occurred to obtain the correct paperwork and arrange shipping.


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A funeral, or memorial service, should provide family members and loved ones with the chance to reflect, remember, and celebrate a life well-lived. At Wilhelm’s, our goal is to create exceptional services and experiences that fulfill the wishes of your loved one. Our experienced Funeral Directors provide guidance on the crucial first steps toward healing.

Patti has lived in Portland, Oregon all her life, graduating from Centennial High, in Gresham. She started her working career has a Certified Nurse’s Aide. Being a single parent, she decided to return to school, attending Mt Hood Community College, earning her Associate’s Degree in 1993, specializing in medical office. She started her Funeral/Cemetery career in 1996 as a Clerk and then became an Administrative Assistant. Having compassion for the funeral and cemetery business, she made the decision in 2012 to become a Funeral Director.

Married with two sons and a daughter, Patti enjoys camping with her family, bowling and swimming. She loves animals of all kinds, and is very fond of her dogs and cats. She cares about people and their feelings, and if she can help in any way, she is happy to do so.

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