Six-Point Willow Coffin

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The beautiful and elegant Six-Point Willow Coffin embraces the elegance and simplicity of the original coffin shape and combines it with the beautiful natural feeling of an eco-friendly coffin. It features a black accent trim and each coffin is fully lined with a natural, unbleached fitted cotton interior with a matching pillow and privacy shield.When buried directly in the earth (without a liner or vault) this coffin will break down naturally over time. Willow coffins are also suitable as a cremation container.

The Six-Point Willow Coffins are suitable for identification/viewing or services followed by burial or cremation. Passages also offers a viewing lid for the Six-Point Willow Coffin that allows for an open-casket viewing or service. Once the service has concluded, simply replace the full lid prior to the cremation or burial and secure the closures.

An optional 5″L x 8″W x .375″H engravable bamboo plaque is available for the Willow Casket.

Tested to 350lbs.

Inside 77″L x 24″W x 12″H
Outside 85″L x 30″W x 16″H
Inside 70″L x 20″W x 12″H
Outside 75″L x 30″W x 15″H

Passages® eco-friendly funeral products give families the opportunity to honor a loved one after their passing with a smaller environmental footprint. We believe that, especially when a person valued sustainability during their life, it is important to have the option for a greener end-of-life ritual. Whether a family chooses to bury or cremate, our caskets and carriers are dignified and suitable to do so in an eco-friendly manner. If cremation is chosen, our biodegradable urns offer a variety of options for ceremonies that return the cremated remains to the earth.


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Passages is committed to creating environmentally-friendly and biodegradable cremation urns, caskets and memorial offerings to families seeking unique and affordable products to celebrate the life of a loved one.