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I’m Emily Sterling, I’m Rooted & Wild and I invite you to be too! As a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, I believe in the power of ceremonies and gatherings to celebrate, transform and heal our lives.

I am a writer, storyteller, event planner and non-religious officiant with an emphasis on nature based weddings in the Pacific Northwest. As a Certified Wedding Celebrant, I believe in celebrating your journey with a handcrafted ceremony that honors and represents you.

I have performed with Mortified Portland, The Moth and I have helped coordinate the St. Johns Bizarre street festival in Portland. I enjoy hiking in the Pacific Northwest, playing ping pong and helping you tell your stories of love and transformation.

Rooted & Wild is boldly carving out space for meaningful modern rituals, ceremonies and gatherings. I want to challenge you to slow down, to honor the growth and change in your life, to get to the heart of the matter. I am creating gatherings that are about connecting to ourselves and our community, they’re about saying the things that we so rarely say to our friends, our family, our partners. They’re about holding space for all the emotions that come with change. Let me help you harness the transformative power of ritual.

Be rooted and wild in your own life.


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Rooted and Wild