“Pioneer” Pine Coffin


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The PIONEER is masterfully designed and expertly crafted with flat, recessed panels and six pull-out through grip handles. The lids are in two pieces (1/4 head/shoulder lid and 3/4 body lid) that are held in place by a groove that runs along each side. The lids slide off each end and are affixed in place with 2 wooden lid pins. The PIONEER is unfinished all natural (no oil) solid pine.Add interior bedding and pillow (Premium quality unbleached cotton muslin.) $100

The coffin, toe-pincher or cowboy style of funerary box is increasingly rare and therefore holds a special place of honor at The Old Pine Box.

6’6″ or 5’6″ Length

STANDARD PIONEER: 6’6″ L X 23.75 W (at shoulder joint) X 15″ D (Interior Dimensions) (Exterior Dimensions: 84″L X 28″W X 17″H)

Fits in standard 30″ vault.

POQUITO PIONEER: 5’6″ L X 20.5″ W X 15″ D (Interior Dimensions) (Exterior Dimensions: 72″L X 25″ W X 18″H)


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The Old Pine Box was established in 2004 with the objective of crafting unique vessels to cradle your loved ones in their final disposition. We specialize in pine box caskets, pine coffins, pine/cedar coffins, pine urns and custom urns.