Hustad Funeral Home

7232 North Richmond Ave, Portland, OR 97203

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A local, family-owned funeral home in the St Johns neighborhood.

Welcome. Hustad Funeral Home is proud to be an affordable family-owned and independent professional service provider with deep roots in our community.

Hustad Funeral Home, located in the heart of St Johns, is dedicated to providing services to the people of Portland with care and compassion.

We serve every family in our community with great pride. We are able to offer a wide range of services to meet your family’s needs and customs. We will listen to you and your wishes to help plan a celebration consistent with your expectations. We will take the time to plan every detail and help to relieve the burden on your family during your time of loss.

A Local Business
Hustad Funeral Home is privately owned and independently operated. It is not operated by a large public corporation. We take pride in our local ownership and the many ways in which we contribute to our community through educational offerings, charitable donations and volunteer hours. Our investment in the community spans over fifty-five years and we passionately believe in doing our best to make St Johns and Portland a better place to live.

Not all funeral homes in Portland are privately owned. We feel there is a distinct difference between our funeral home and those owned by publicly traded companies.

We help you make the right choice.

Because there is no standard life, we tailor the arrangements to the personal wishes, religious beliefs and the attitudes of those involved. We,re happy to offer suggestions, but we let you make the decisions. Whether you’re making pre-need or immediate need arrangements, the important thing is that they reflect your wishes.

We are family owned, family focused and affordable.

To honor our commitment to the residents of our community, we will match any other funeral providers price on service and merchandise. Please phone us at 503-286-9663 for immediate assistance.


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