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We serve your vision of end of life support. Providing people in the PNW with compassionate planning, education, & coaching for end of life support.

Evening Star End-of-Life Doula Services is a partnership of EOLDs, trained by three nationally recognized organizations. 

Our diversified trainings, and years of experience, mean YOU get support at end of life that reflects YOUR values. 


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Trained and Certified by INELDA, the International End-of-Life Doula Association
Born in Salem Oregon and raised in beautiful natural spaces I was weaned on storytelling, freedom to explore and deep respect for the power of community. From crossing moss-covered natural tree bridges over ravines to racing bareback with my friends, I grew into the understanding that I am pioneer stock through and through.

I can remember my mom saying that she knew in her bones that she had crossed the Oregon Trail. I know in my bones, that I’m descended from those who accompanied people in their community who were dying.

A University of Oregon graduate, with extensive small group facilitation experience focused on internal growth and change, I chose INELDA as my end-of-life doula training organization in September 2015 and haven’t looked back. I am a trained volunteer for Providence Hospice and NODA.

Using active listening, gentle nudging and coaching, I’ll meet you where you are emotionally. Your personal values and situation are paramount. We’ll contemplate how to develop a Legacy Project in a way that feels true to who YOU are. We’ll establish a Vigil Plan for final days when speaking is diminished.

DARCI SHAVER – End-of-Life Doula, Death Midwife, M.A.R.O. Specialist

Certified through Momdoulary’s Death and Mourning Doula Training Program (TM)
Dedicated to meeting people where they are, and trained in NonViolent Communication, I am wholly committed to providing a sacred container of connection for those who are dying and grieving.

I came to be a Doula while healing from trauma of my own. I lost my Mother to suicide when I was still a pre-teen. Through the healing work and education I have invested in for myself, I have learned how to help others as they grieve and move through end of life transitions.

Additionally, I worked as a Labor and Post-Partum Doula for pregnant women and their families for nearly twenty years. Providing practical and emotional support is something I naturally carry over into my current work with dying people and their loved ones.

Given my past training as a Professional Organizer, I also assist in the reallocation and/or archival of one’s worldly possessions as another way to ease transition. We call this service Material Artifact Re-Organization. M.A.R.O can be particularly useful when done in conjunction with the creation of Legacy Projects.

I am blessed beyond measure to be able to provide relief in the ways that I do. It is all necessary and sacred service.

DEANNA HAGY – End-of-Life Doula

Certified through Momdoulary’s Death and Mourning Doula Training Program (TM)
Years ago, the sudden loss of a friend from a tragic accident inspired my study of death and dying. When something freaks me out I study it – and boy was I freaked out! In the course of my studies, I learned of Death Doulas/Midwives and was fascinated by the idea.

I volunteered with hospice and knew I was on the right path. In 2015 I earned my End of Life Doula certification through the Momdoulary Death and Mourning Doula Training Program. I also volunteer with End of Life Choices Oregon and Northwest Pilot Project.

In the past 150 years or so, our society has turned deathcare over to “professionals”, after having done it ourselves since forever. The result has been our losing touch with a natural and profound part of life. Because any talk of death is generally avoided until something happens, people often don’t know what their loved ones would want, or what their options are, or what the process can look like.

As an end of life doula I am committed to giving deathcare back to families. Doulas are not more “professionals” to turn things over to – we are members of the community who want to help folks have the best experience possible when it comes to dying. My goal is to help families experience as much healing, love and yes, even humor,

as possible in their last months, weeks, and days together. I love the Ram Dass quote: “We’re all just walking each other home.” It is truly an honor to serve in this way.

On a personal note, a few of my favorite things are: my family, birds, trees, the moon, music, weird art, books, quiet, Halloween, and laughter – always laughter.

MARYANN GIUNTA – Sacred Passage Doula

Studied at the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder CO
Originally from NY, I have been an Oregon resident for the last 8 years while practicing as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in skilled nursing facilities and the home health arena in the Willamette Valley and Portland metro area.

Being present in my father’s 15-month journey through terminal illness and death in 2013 inspired me to learn more about what support at end of life could look like.

In 2016, I studied at the Conscious Dying Institute of Boulder, Colorado, and obtained my certificate as an End-of-Life Sacred Passage Doula. That year I also began the rewarding experience of volunteering with Kindred Hospice.

I feel fortunate to have connected with my colleagues at Evening Star. As a team, we are dedicated to creating the sacred space for individuals and their loved ones to experience end-of-life on their terms as much as possible, helping to educate and empower our clients throughout their process. I am dedicated to creating as much peace (of mind, heart and soul) as possible to promote optimal quality time with loved ones.

I respect each individuals’ diverse needs. Like a blank canvas, I hope to work with you on creating a meaningful ending, reflective of your values, to your unique life experience.

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Evening Star End-of-Life Doula Services, LLC