Personalizing the casket


While it’s become custom to have a casket spray. there is no rule that says you have to have to purchase a floral arrangement to display on the coffin.

Instead, you might wish to use mementos and items from your loved one’s life to personalize a coffin in other meaningful ways. It’s another way to acknowledge that they were a unique, one-of-a-kind person, and adds to the different layers of remembrance as all the little things come together. His surfboard or snow skis. Her stiletto heels and worn out running shoes. What about his lucky fishing hat and favourite rod – the one that caught all those fish he was always showing off about. For the sporty types there is the tennis racket, football boots, or golf clubs. It could be her gardening gloves, straw hat and a bowl of those incredible lemons she was famous for growing.

What are you aiming for? Like so much else you plan for the day, your seeking that feeling and reaction where friends and family go “that was so Geoff”. Trust your instincts and you’ll be just fine.

For some, it’s items in the casket that hold special significance. Think about letters or photos,  jewellery, or a cherished toy. There might be drawings or poems from grandchildren.

For the ultimate in personalization, think about a cardboard casket and have family decorate it with photos, paintings, written tributes or anything that you feel captures your loved one.

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