Myth: There are lots of rules and regulations for funerals

Evening park gathering

While there are some important tasks to be completed such as registering the death and other paperwork there are actually very few rules that come into play. We have come to believe there are a lot of guidelines we must follow, when the reality for many of us is, unless governed by specific cultural and religious protocols, there isn’t.

This means almost every part of the funeral service can be shaped as you see fit. The venue, ceremony, music, food, meaningful rituals – each and every part can be tailored to create a truly unique and fitting Great Goodbye. Starting right at the beginning, even before the service you can start creating a deeply personal send off. Instead of delegating to a funeral director, you might wash, dress and care for your loved one at home. Play music, light candles, have family and friends visit.

Or, you might not hold a funeral at all. Sometimes families elect to forgo a service with the casket present and instead hold a memorial  (a service without the body) to remember and honour the passing of a life. This might be held close to the time of the death or some time later. Without the casket there opens up a world of different ways to say goodbye.

The point here is there are no rules. Just lots of encouragement from us at Great Goodbyes to create the kind of farewell that suits you best.

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