Myth: The funeral service must be conducted by a registered celebrant or officiant


It surprises many to learn that a funeral is not a legal event, and therefore no law requires you to have a registered celebrant or officiant,

Regardless of what venue you select for the service, you may have a close family or friends who would be honoured to take the lead. It’s also a role that can be share amongst several people. While it takes a big breath to step up at a time like this, the experience can be incredibly rewarding, and most importantly make for a funeral like no other – one that is lead by someone that shared some of life’s journey with the one who has died.

Having someone with the role of introducing speakers, readings, music and overseeing the general order of events brings a bit of structure. However, you needn’t follow any specific format if you favour something different. If the service is being held without the casket then a host of different options open up.

If there isn’t anyone within family and friends to whom leading the service naturally falls, an experienced celebrant or officiant will work with your family to lead the kind of service that fits with the Great Goodbye you’re planning. In choosing the right person, you can be assured they will bring sensitivity, dignity and experience.

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