Myth: People will know what to do with the ashes


Often, they don’t. You’d be surprised how frequently ashes are not collected at all and are eventually disposed of years later by the crematorium.

There are several different ways that cremated remains can be honoured by family and friends. You might choose memorialization in a cemetery and there are several options such as burial, cremation gardens or glass fronted niches in mausoleums. This option gives a permanent place for family and friends to visit. Each of these options will have costs depending on the cemetery you choose.

Any number of beautiful vessels can be suitable for storing ashes, and you may already have a special piece in which case there is no need to purchase anything at all. You might consider an earth friendly woven flax urn or wooden box which can be buried at your home. Plant a tree in the spot, or place a stone bench, a piece of sculpture or a handmade cross.

Others favour scattering ashes in a place, or several places that holds special meaning. This can be done at any time, and some wait a while before taking this step. It can be a special way to honour the anniversary of the death twelve months on. It’s another way to do something unique that truly reflects the person who has passed on. Get a group of friends and take the ashes on a hike in the mountains. Do a road trip, scattering the ashes at favourite spots, Some take a sunrise surf and scatter ashes in the waves. You are only limited by your ability to reflect their life any way you see fit.

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