Myth: Funerals should be held inside a church or funeral home


The law allows holding a funeral service almost anywhere.

In your own home or Grandma’s garden. At the beach or the local football club (ask them first) In the forest or in a cave. Even your local pub if that feels right. You might consider an art gallery, or a community hall. Check out the Great Goodbyes marketplace for a wide selection of wonderful venues.

For some, a church, temple area, or other religious site will be essential. From the quaint and humble to the grand and magnificent, such places may offer the kind of connection that suits your Great Goodbye.

You have the option to combine the more formal service and the after event at the one place. Unless it’s a public place you don’t require a licence. Just choose a place you love and make a request.

If being held to a fixed time is likely to make your Goodbye less than great, look for a venue that has the flexibility for you to take all the time you need. That might be harder to do in a funeral home or church as time may be restricted. For such funerals you can still find  time for people to gather, seek comfort and share memories, at the afters location.

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