Myth: Food and drinks come after the service, and no alcohol


Why? Because it would be disrespectful to eat and drink while we celebrate and say goodbye?

We probably ate and drank often together throughout life – think graduations, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays – so why not now as we say a final goodbye?

Truth is, although we have come to believe there is a certain way a funeral should be run, there are no rules to be followed regarding when and what to eat. Have a BBQ if you want. Or a picnic. Cook and enjoy your loved one’s favourite meal. Have fish and chips on the beach or gourmet finger food at the club. You might want to greet guests as they arrive with a glass of wine. If that is the kind of atmosphere you’d like to aim for, chose a venue that can accomodate your wishes.

For some people, it’s important the event that commemorates their life takes a relaxed less formal approach. They truly want people to celebrate with food, wine and song as they remember them. To that end they may leave instructions that no casket be present to enable a memorial event that fits the bill.

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