Myth: A funeral is not an appropriate place for children

Child blowing bubbles

There are a number of meaningful and appropriate ways to involve children in a Great Goodbye. Readings and poems. A musical item. Decorating the casket.

However, as the day progresses you’ll also want to have a plan to keep the kids entertained, so the adults can continue to reflect and celebrate.

You might deputise a few older children to be minders. Set up an activities table with games, drawing materials and crafts.

Is there somewhere for them to relax and watch a movie? Have parents bring along some beanbags.

In an outdoor beach or bush setting, most children will happily busy themselves making a giant sun wheel out of shells, bark or stones. Take a photo of them all together with this memorable tribute.

They can also take part in send-off rituals by blowing bubbles, letting off balloons or lighting sparklers.

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