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Why get quotes?

Many of us have little or no experience arranging a funeral. Suddenly there are many decisions to make and a lot of unexpected costs. When you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s easy to make rushed decisions and hand everything over for someone else to arrange. That’s when you can lose control of what you’re spending.

It’s okay to ask how much a funeral will cost – in fact, it’s a smart thing to do. You’ll make better decisions. As arrangements come together you’ll find there are some things your family might take on themselves. Not only can it reduce costs, but you’ll also create a Great Goodbye like no other.

Asking about funeral pricing can feel awkward, so we’ve made is easy via the Great Goodbyes quoting tool.

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Make it personal


It’s one of the first questions we get asked when someone has died. Where is the funeral? And when will it be? Nothing sets the

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When it comes to creating a Great Goodbye, the only music that’s inappropriate are sounds that have nothing to do with the life of the

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Funeral flowers were originally used in pre-refrigeration era use to mask odours. Alongside scented candles and incense, flowers were selected for the strength of their

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Find a funeral home

Mt Scott Funeral Home

We’re dedicated to providing personalized, professional and compassionate services to help lighten your burden and support you through the difficult times that follow the loss of a loved one.

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Crown Cremation Burial

We specialize in low cost cremation, burial, funerals and memorials, with six convenient locations to serve the entire Portland and Salem areas, including all surrounding communities. Privately owned and operated Cascade cremation facility.

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Find a venue

Abernethy Center

We partner with our clients to create an event that is expressly yours – whether that be an epic love story, a nonprofit fundraiser, or a celebration of life. We’re in the business of creating extraordinary memories!

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Loft at 8th Avenue

The Loft at 8th Avenue is an exciting, modern event venue and headquarters for VT Group. We are located in the Central Eastside Industrial District near the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

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Rossi Farms

Our farm is available to rent for festivals, corporate, and private events whose proceeds help benefit the local community and Parkrose High School athletic programs.

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Does Great-Goodbyes charge for the service?

No, you do not pay anything to connect with the product and service providers on Great Goodbyes. You will pay anyone you connect with according to the quotes you received and standard industry terms.

Do I need to start right now?

That depends on what stage you are at. The quote tool allows you to get organised ahead of time if you wish. Or you can let us know if you require the quote urgently and want to connect with a funeral director straight away. Then you might want to pause, and consult with family and friends before coming back to Great Goodbyes to arrange all the details for the funeral service.

Do you employ funeral directors?

No, Great Goodbyes doesn’t  employ funeral directors, or any other vendors.  What we do is  connect you with a range of highly experienced professionals to take care of as much or as little of the funeral as you wish. 

When do I have to pay?

After completing the Great Goodbye quote tool you will receive quotes from several funeral homes in your area. You will pay the funeral home you choose to work with according to standard industry terms which is usually 30 days after the funeral. Other vendors can be paid according to their usual terms.

What's the difference between Great Goodbyes and a Funeral Home?

Great Goodbyes is an online platform that brings a wide range of funeral professionals, funeral homes and other suppliers into one easy to browse place. You can search, compare and connect with a variety of people who will help arrange a memorable and personal funeral.