About Us

We arrive on this planet utterly unique.
Odd or outrageous, academic or artist, writer or runner. 
Or all those things in one stunning parcel. 

None of us are entirely the same as another. Nor should the funerals or memorials be when we die. We believe in being different and standing on the edge. 


Our story

When a serial social entrepreneur and a tech company founder got together to enable more personalised funerals it was always going to be interesting.  Beginning with far more questions than answers, a two-year journey began to unpick the rituals, rules and regulations that have governed funerals since the first world war.

They began to understand that although grief and loss can feel insurmountable, people are motivated and capable of creating special funerals if they are given the tools and information they need. That freed of what ‘should be’ and inspired by what “could be”, they would elevate funerals and memorials into unique one-of-a-kind events that reflect the life lost. 

Great Goodbyes was born to  inspire and encourage the creation of wonderful funerals. To equip people with the knowledge and skills to plan unique farewells, whether for themselves or someone they love.

Saying goodbye is hard. Don’t let it be ordinary.

Our Partners

As the story of Great Goodbyes gets around, a lot of wonderful organisations are keen to be part of our journey. Many really understand what we were trying to do, and like us believe in the possibility of an alternative way. Funerals that are deeply personal, family led and kinder to the planet. Funerals that can be arranged from your laptop in the comfort of your own home.

Great Goodbyes would simply not be possible without a network of dedicated funeral homes. They get what this is about and believe in where we’re headed. It’s not about throwing out the past so much as embracing an alternative way. They are true pioneers of their industry. 

Then we have our incredible market place vendors. Each and everyone brings their talent to the table to help make funerals and memorials special.

In time, there will be other organisations that join the Great Goodbyes family.  We look forward to working with them all.