What does "Connecting" mean?

The first step of the process for arranging a funeral on Great Goodbyes is to connect with a funeral professional of your choice. 

When you are connected with a funeral professional, all relevant arrangements (such as transporting the body, arranging a cremation, embalming (if necessary) and coordinating any services) will be organised and supported by your chosen funeral professional. They will be your primary contact person to support you and to help make sure everything goes as planned.

Connecting with a funeral professional includes the initial services of collecting the body and completing necessary paperwork. 

What happens when I connect?

When you find a suitable funeral professional and decide to connect, you will be prompted to enter relevant information including:

Upon completing the Connection, you will be prompted to create an account in Great Goodbyes. This is necessary so that you can continue working with your selected funeral professional.

When creating an account, you will also need to provide your name, email address, and select a suitable password.

You have successfully completed the process when you finalise the order by making a payment.

Once complete, your chosen funeral professional will receive your order, along with all of the information you have provided. You will also receive confirmation by email of your order and order details.

Your chosen funeral professional will make contact with you within 24 hours to confirm, and to gather any additional details that may be required, prior to collecting the body. When ready, your funeral professional will collect and have the body suitably stored.

What is a funeral professional?

A funeral professional is a funeral director, or someone that provides the professional services that are associated with looking after the deceased and supporting funeral decisions and activities. 

All funeral professionals on Great Goodbyes are approved and endorsed by Great Goodbyes.